If Patch is not getting install and in MBSA report it is showing as required we can i dentify and troublshoot below steps:–

1) Microsoft Suggested to run the System redindence tool — this tool is 130+MB file, This Kb Might required reboot
and After installing check the log file %SYSTEMROOT%LogsCBSCheckSUR.log
2)Take ownership of the Packages folder(“%SYSTEMROOT%ServicingPackages”) and add your account to have full control
3)Based on the log file will get the missing files list i.e., .MUM and .Cat files.
4)Copy the .MUM and .CAT files to the %SYSTEMROOT%ServicingPackages folder from other working system to Problem system “%SYSTEMROOT%ServicingPackages” Folder
5) After Copy the .mum and Cat files we need to restart the ” Windows Modules Installer” Service
Install the Patch 974291, if it is not installing re-run the redindence tool and analize the log file
6) IMPORTANT: Change the ownership of the %SYSTEMROOT%ServicingPackages
folder back to ‘NT ServiceTrustedInstaller’
Ofcource for the above steps you should perfom with your process where Change / Downtime.


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