Miscellaneous notes for “Dummy”s

Never select a PXE Distribution Point when deploying packages. This may stop that PXE point from functioning. Use the list of DP Groups or select the specific DPs required. When setting up Advertisements to execute at specific times use:- UTC if you want the installation to start at the same time the world over regardless … Read more

WMI Repair Command:- For Windows 2008 and Windows Vista/7

For For Windows 2008 and Windows Vista/7 winmgmt  /salvagerepository   For Windows Server 2003 rundll32 wbemupgd, RepairWMISetup cd /d %windir%system32wbem for %i in (*.dll) do RegSvr32 -s %i for %i in (*.exe) do %i /RegServer Note that none of the above two methods restore the missing files related to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). So, below … Read more

Top Rapidshare Search Engines

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Where Name0 in

Deleting Machines Directly From The SMS Database To delete an individual machine from the SMS database using the SMS console it is necessary to create a collection using the direct membership rule wizard or base your new collection on a newly created Query. The first method is slow and can be time consuming, the second … Read more

What is Disaster? DR?

An event, usually a major or catastrophic that denies access to the normal facility of business (or technology processing) for an extended period that would require relocation to an alternate site or sites.

High level of Tech Talk :- Take this Print

Communication errors between Site’sSQL Server Errors For Every Term you need to get a log file Name, Glossary should learn it Site Server issues :- Not able to connect to the Console Site is not sending status messages, the procedure to confirm and the default report Site Server Slow or CPU High Utilization backlogs finding … Read more