Choose SCCM DP Vs Secondary site Vs BDP

1) Implementing the Secondary site Pros:-     Ø  Traffic  can be compressed/ Scheduled/Throttled & rate limit on the  address Ø  Secondary sites do not require additional Configuration Manager 2007 server licenses. Ø  Secondary sites do not require an additional SQL Server database at the secondary site. Ø  Clients can be managed across a slow network … Read more

Determine Server Placement for Internet-Based Client Management – IBC

All server placement references below refer to a primary site only; secondary sites do not support Internet-based client management. Server Placement for Sites that Do Not Need to Also Manage Intranet Client If the Configuration Manager 2007 site does not need to support both Internet clients and intranet clients, Scenarios 1 and 2 in the … Read more

Configure Proxy Settings Used When Downloading Software Update Files

By default, software update files are downloaded from the Internet using the credentials of the logged-on user and the proxy settings configured for the user in Internet Explorer. The UpdDwnldCfg.exe utility is available on the Configuration Manager 2007 DVD and on every site server. It can be used to modify the server and account credentials … Read more

Configuration Manager 2007 site server roles are not supported on below OS

|Configuration Manager 2007 site server roles are not supported on any operating system prior to Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. Configuration Manager 2007 site roles are explicitly not supported on the following operating system versions: Windows NT 4.0 Server Windows 2000 Server Windows 2003 Server, with no service pack installed