Patch Supersedence Report from SQL Query

select cir.FromCIID [New CI], info.BulletinID [New BulletinID], info.ArticleID [New ArticleID], info.Title [New Title], info.InfoURL [New InfoURL], info.DatePosted [New DatePosted], cir.ToCIID [SUPERSEDED CI], info2.BulletinID [Superseded BulletinID], info2.ArticleID [Superseded ArticleID], info2.Title [Superseded Title], info2.InfoURL [Superseded InfoURL], info2.DatePosted [Superseded DatePosted] from v_CIRelation cir left join v_UpdateInfo info on cir.FromCIID = info.CI_ID left join v_UpdateInfo info2 on cir.ToCIID = … Read more

A consolidated Report for Patch Deployments

to get the consolidated Report for all your deployments / instead of depending on dashboard you can view this PVT Report   Source:- Select Deploymentname, Available, Deadline, cast(cast(((cast([Compliant] as float) / (ISNULL([Compliant], 0) + ISNULL([Enforcement state unknown], 0) + ISNULL([Successfully installed update(s)], 0) + ISNULL([Failed to install update(s)], 0) + ISNULL([Installing update(s)], 0) + … Read more

Software Updates Status messages

Software Updates Status messages are three major types and these are   States for deployments States for software updates Scan states for an update source     and each of these are again sub categorized as below.. we can see these message when we ran the software updates reports in SCCM.   States for Deployments … Read more

SCCM State ID’s from Client end error (Focused on Patching )

TopicType StateID StateName StateDescription 300 0 Compliance state unknown Compliance state unknown 300 1 Compliant Compliant 300 2 Non-compliant Non-compliant 300 3 Conflict detected Conflict detected 301 0 Enforcement state unknown Enforcement state unknown 301 1 Installing update(s) Installing update(s) 301 2 Waiting for restart Waiting for restart 301 3 Waiting for another installation to … Read more

Required Patches based on collection ID

SELECT DISTINCT                       TOP (100) PERCENT SYS.Name0 AS [Machine Name], UCS.Status AS [Patch Status Code],                       CASE WHEN UCS.Status = ‘2’ THEN ‘Applicable’ WHEN UCS.Status = ‘3’ THEN ‘Installed’ ELSE ” END AS ‘Patch Status’, UI.BulletinID, UI.ArticleID, UI.Title,                       dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership.ResourceID, dbo.v_Collection.CollectionIDFROM         dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership INNER JOIN                      dbo.v_Collection ON dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership.CollectionID = dbo.v_Collection.CollectionID INNER JOIN                      dbo.v_R_System AS SYS LEFT … Read more