Patch Supersedence Report from SQL Query

select cir.FromCIID [New CI], info.BulletinID [New BulletinID], info.ArticleID [New ArticleID], info.Title [New Title], info.InfoURL [New InfoURL], info.DatePosted [New DatePosted], cir.ToCIID [SUPERSEDED CI], info2.BulletinID [Superseded BulletinID], info2.ArticleID [Superseded ArticleID], info2.Title [Superseded Title], info2.InfoURL [Superseded InfoURL], info2.DatePosted [Superseded DatePosted] from v_CIRelation cir left join v_UpdateInfo info on cir.FromCIID = info.CI_ID left join v_UpdateInfo info2 on cir.ToCIID = … Read more

A consolidated Report for Patch Deployments

to get the consolidated Report for all your deployments / instead of depending on dashboard you can view this PVT Report   Source:- Select Deploymentname, Available, Deadline, cast(cast(((cast([Compliant] as float) / (ISNULL([Compliant], 0) + ISNULL([Enforcement state unknown], 0) + ISNULL([Successfully installed update(s)], 0) + ISNULL([Failed to install update(s)], 0) + ISNULL([Installing update(s)], 0) + … Read more