OSD import permission Issue

We might get when we are looking for only import permissions for a user or Group.. or even when we setup the permissions at the end of the wizard we may get this error.. Errors ·You do not have security rights to perform this operation. ·ConfigMgr Error Object: ·instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus ·{ · Description = … Read more

How to grant the SCCM Console permissions to Support Executive

Scenario SCCM installed on cm07.test.com & I have a test system with windows XP/7.I have a User called RBAC and RBAC wanted some permissions on SCCM console. Steps:- Install the SCCM console on windows Xp/7 add the RBAC user to SMS Admins Group. Follow these steps for granting the DCOM rights. From SCCM Server the … Read more

Unable to load console on Primary Site Server

Symptom: Unable to load console on Primary Site Server Further Conditions – WMI Failures indicated by errors 0x80041002 in the Event Log, MPControl.log.  Unable to connect to namespace root/cimv2. Use the WMI Diag tool for further analaysis and confirmation of namespace errors. Restart WMI service and check corresponding event log for errrors. If necessary rebuild … Read more