Windows 7 End User Training Guide

Below is the very common training on Windows 7 for End User Training.   1.    PC maintenance and performance a.     Delete files using Disk Cleanup (1 mins, Short Topic) b.     Ways to improve your computer’s performance (2 mins, Article) c.     Back up your files (1 mins, Short Topic) d.     Previous versions of files: frequently asked … Read more

Windows 7 Imagining – Hardware Independent Image

Every image of windows 7 is hardware independent Image, unlike windows XP the concept has changed.   Here are some Good postings to do this   Building a Standard Image of Windows 7: Step-by-Step Guide: How to create a Hardware independent Image? :   and one more

Windows 7 Education – BDD

Here is the link for windows 7 Pre and Post deployment trainings available where we can communicate with the end users and IT Help Desk.

User Awareness Recommended Topics for Support on Windows 7

Recommended Topics for Support Windows 7 Desktop and Start menu *   Change thumbnail size and file details Use the new Views menu to quickly go from details to large icons  (1 mins, Short Topic)     Change the appearance of file and folder icons.  *   Desktop Experience in Windows 7 (15 mins, Tour/Video)     Watch animations … Read more

Windows 7 Editions Comparsion

Availability     Home Basic Starter Home Premium Professional Enterprise & Ultimate Retail packaging     Yes Yes Ult. only Can purchase electronically     Yes Yes Ult. only Pricing: Full version     $199.99 $299.99 $319.99 (Ult) Pricing: Upgrade version     $119.99 $199.99 $219.99 (Ult.) Bundled with new PCs in major markets   … Read more