Windows 7 End User Training Guide

Below is the very common training on Windows 7 for End User Training.


1.    PC maintenance and performance

a.     Delete files using Disk Cleanup (1 mins, Short Topic)

b.     Ways to improve your computer’s performance (2 mins, Article)

c.     Back up your files (1 mins, Short Topic)

d.     Previous versions of files: frequently asked questions(4 mins, Web based)

e.     Back up and Restore: frequently asked questions (2 mins, Reference Topic)

f.      Backing up and restoring your computer (5 mins, Tour/Video)

g.     Solving common problems with Troubleshooters (5 mins, Tour/Video)

h.     What information appears in event logs (Event Viewer)? (1 mins, Short Topic)

i.      Stop a program from running automatically when Windows starts(1 mins, Short Topic)

j.      See details about your computer’s performance using Task Manager (2 mins, Short Topic)

k.     Change the program that opens a type of file(1 mins, Short Topic)

l.      Get computer speed and performance information(1 mins, Short Topic)

m.   Recover lost or deleted files (1 mins, Short Topic)


2.    Security and privacy

a.     Laptop security basics (2 mins, Article)

b.     Tips for creating strong passwords and passphrases (2 mins, Short Topic)

c.     Help protect your files using BitLocker Drive Encryption (2 mins, Short Topic)

d.     Spyware: frequently asked questions(2 mins, Reference Topic)

e.     What is Encrypting File System (EFS)? (1 mins, Short Topic)


3.    Collaborating and communicating

a.     What happened to NetMeeting? (1 mins, Short Topic)

b.     What happened to Windows Messenger? (1 mins, Short Topic)

c.     Set up a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network (1 mins, Short Topic)


4.    Desktop and Start menu

a.     Desktop Experience in Windows 7 (15 mins, Tour/Video)

b.     The Start menu (overview) (7 mins, Article)

c.     What’s new with the Windows desktop? (2 mins, Short Topic)

d.     The taskbar (overview) (5 mins, Article)

e.     What’s new with the Windows 7 taskbar? (4 mins, Article)

f.      Getting around the desktop Getting around the desktop (6 mins, Tour/Video)

g.     Personalizing your PC (5 mins, Tour/Video)

h.     Change thumbnail size and file details (1 mins, Short Topic)

i.      Introducing Windows 7 at work (20 mins, Tour/Video)Set the clock

j.      Using Jump Lists to open programs and items (less than 1 mins, Tour/Video)

k.     What happened to the Run command? (1 mins, Short Topic)

l.      What’s new with the Start menu? (1 mins, Article)

m.   What’s new with the Windows 7 desktop? (2 mins, Short Topic)

n.     Customize the Start menu (4 mins, Reference Topic)

o.     Getting the best display on your monitor (2 mins, Article)

p.     Pin a program to the taskbar (2 mins, Tour/Video)

q.     Rearrange buttons on the taskbar(2 mins, Short Topic)

r.     Clear lists on the Start menu and taskbar (2 mins, Tour/Video)

s.     Desktop gadgets (overview) (5 mins, Short Topic)

t.      Take a screen capture (Printing screen) (1 mins, Short Topic)

u.     Show, hide, or resize desktop icons (1 mins, Short Topic)

v.     Recover files from the Recycle Bin (1 mins, Short Topic)


5.    Ease of Access (Accessibility)

a.     What accessibility features does Windows offer? (2 mins, Article)

b.     Make items on the screen appear bigger (Magnifier) (1 mins, Short Topic)

c.     Make the computer easier to see (1 mins, Short Topic) (Use Ease of Access Center to adjust settings and programs)

d.     Text to speech: frequently asked questions (1 mins, Reference Topic)

e.     What can I do with Speech Recognition? (Use your voice to dictate text and control your computer) (1 mins, Article)

f.      What’s New: Changes made to Excel functions (5 mins, Reference Topic)

6.    Finding and organizing files

a.     Accessing Information in Windows 7 (15 mins, Tour/Video)

b.     Save a search (1 mins, Short Topic)

c.     Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions(4 mins, Reference Topic)

d.     Libraries: frequently asked questions (5 mins, Short Topic)

7.    Internet Explorer

a.     Internet Explorer at a glance (4 mins, Article)

b.     Internet Explorer 8 Overview (2 mins, Tour/Video)

c.     Internet Explorer accessibility options (2 mins, Short Topic)

d.     How to know if an online transaction is secure(2 mins, Article)

e.     Show the menus in Internet Explorer (1 mins, Short Topic)

f.      Find recently visited webpages (1 mins, Short Topic)

g.     Should I install ActiveX controls? (1 mins, Short Topic)

h.     Zoom in on a webpage (1 mins, Short Topic)

i.      Preview the appearance of a Printed webpage in Internet Explorer (2 mins, Short Topic)

j.      Tips for searching the Internet (3 mins, Article)

k.     Using Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer (1 mins, Short Topic)

l.      Managing your Internet Explorer favorites (1 mins, Short Topic)

m.   Using RSS feeds Automatically get updated content published by a website, such as news  (2 mins, Article)

n.     Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts (4 mins, Article)

o.     Using Accelerators to find addresses, define words, and do other tasks with selected text (7 mins, Guided Example)

p.     Web Slices: frequently asked questions (5 mins, Reference Topic)

q.     Internet Explorer add-ons: frequently asked questions (2 mins, Reference Topic)

r.     Save a webpage as a file (1 mins, Short Topic)

8.    Mobile PC tips

a.     Using your laptop in meetings (2 mins, Article)

b.     Find a file or folder Looking for files in all the right places  (2 mins, Short Topic)

c.     Searching in Windows: frequently asked questions (4 mins, Reference Topic)

d.     Create a shortcut to (map) a network drive Easily get to your network drives  (1 mins, Short Topic)



9.    Getting help

a.     Getting help (3 mins, Article)

b.     Get the latest Help content Always

c.     Get help with your computer using Windows Remote Assistance (1 mins, Short Topic)


10.  Printing


a.     What happened to the Printers folder? (1 mins, Short Topic)


11.  Turning off and starting up the computer


a.     Change what happens when you close your laptop (1 mins, Short Topic)

b.     Change what happens when you press the power button on your computer (1 mins, Short Topic)

12.  Wireless networking


a.     How do I know if a wireless network is secure? Check before you connect  (1 mins, Short Topic)

b.     Switching between your home and workplace networks Use a work laptop on a home network  (3 mins, Article)

c.     Mobile broadband: frequently asked questions (2 mins, Reference Topic)

13.  Working offline

a.     Working with network files when you are offline (3 mins, Short Topic)

b.     Continue working if you lose or unplug your network connection (3 mins, Article)


14.  Managing battery power

a.     Change, create, or delete a power plan (scheme) (2 mins, Short Topic)


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