SCCM-OSD-Registry-DevicePath   ‘ //*************************************************************************** ‘ //***************************************************************************  ‘//—————————————————————————- ‘// ‘// Global constant and variable declarations ‘// ‘//—————————————————————————-  Option Explicit  Dim iRetVal DIM objRegistry DIM strComputer Dim objFSO, vDriverPaths strComputer = “.” Set objRegistry = GetObject(“winmgmts:” & strComputer & “rootdefault:StdRegProv”) ‘//—————————————————————————- ‘// End declarations ‘//—————————————————————————-  ‘//—————————————————————————- ‘// Main routine ‘//—————————————————————————-  On Error Resume Next iRetVal = ZTIProcess … Read more

KMDF Related Issues

I have seen a strange problem when we target the drivers as software package the installation was never triggered in the Task sequence, When we look for an alternative to make this package as PnP it will fail some time the package will install however we will get below error screen, By looking at the … Read more

SCCM Drivers Management best Practices

The original article is here – read here more on Driver types Drivers can very broadly be split into two categories: Good Drivers: Drivers which come in an inf/sys/cat format and can be installed on systems easily Bad Drivers: Drivers which come with a setup program and must be installed (common examples are laptop … Read more

IBM Lenovo drivers Bad Drivers Handling in OSD

To install any IBM Lenovo drivers for Bad Drivers and softDrivers    We need to download the Lenovo ThinInstaller and add the required model and download the Drivers. and set in the configuration all the drivers should set to active otherwise it gets failed Now create a package in SCCM for Think Installer and include a … Read more