SCCM 2012 Replication Data

From SCCM 2012 site to site replication is moved to SQL replication, Where as in SCCM 2007 it was file based. Below chart explains the What kind of Data type will be replicated between sites with Replication Types. What is there in Global Data & Site Data ?

When do we need a local Distribution Point? In SCCM 2012?

  Below are the three key points to consider a local distribution Point’s BITS not enough to control the WAN traffic Multicast for Operating System Deployment To stream APP-V Applications Ok..  Now when we do not need a local Distribution points in SCCM 2012? Below are the key considerations… Clients are well managed with-in BITIS … Read more

When do I need SCCM 2012 Primary Site?

To Manage Clients/DevicesAdd More Primary sites for To scale more than 100,000 Clients Reduce impact of primary site failures in case of DR(Disaster recovery) Local Point of Connectivity for Administration & Political Reasons Content Regulations Ok….. When you do not need a primary site compared with SCCM 20007 ? Decentralized administration Logical data segmentation Client … Read more