Packages are not distributed to Child Sites

This behavior can occur because the SmsInboxesSchedule.boxUid folder is empty or does not exist or incorrect files in the SMSinboxesschedule.boxUID folder can stop or inhibit communications To resolve this behavior, you must open the SmsInboxesSchedule.boxUid folder and create two empty text files called nnnnnnnn.job and nnnnnnnn.req, where nnnnnnnn is the number in the filename, which is … Read more

SCCM 2012 Replication – What is replicated in each type From where to where

  There are TWO types of replication can happen 1) Database Replication2) File-Based Replication Database Replication Includes Global Data & Site Data Global data that replicates by using database replication. Site data that replicates by using database replication. Note:- Apart from above two there is local data this is just to specific to the local … Read more

What kind of Data Will be flow between the Sites

  Child sites send the following information to their direct parent sites: Discovery information Inventory information Site control information Status messages The Data collected from a child site to a parent site are listed here: Discovery data records (DDRs) Inventory data License balancing data Site control files Status messages The Data passed from a parent … Read more