Let Browse your CHM files with ZOME

https://www.goldgingko.com/chmzoomer/ https://www.goldgingko.com/product/chmzoomer.exe Official CHM reader in windows doesn’t offer control over the font size after IE7. It can be torturous and straining to read ant-like text in high resolution screen.That’s where ChmZoomer comes into play. The plug-in lets you zoom-in and zoom-out the font size in CHM freely. So the CHM would be comfortable to … Read more

License 15A – General License Reconciliation Report by Machine

Most of the time people will get tried to import the third party license file however due to some Characters limitation or some other we will get errors while importing the .csv file. The easy solution i can see it a free utility called CT-AILW.exe.read here more ….https://blog.coretech.dk/kea/asset-intelligence-3rd-party-software-utility/ Configuring the utility Once you have downloaded … Read more

One other Great tool to fix client actions without Console (Right click tools)

I Just checked the tool and found it would useful for one works on SCCM Client health It has key features as below   Initiate most common SCCM client schedule actions. Initiate SCCM client health checks and fixes. Allows running checks with and without fixes as well as full health check. Initiate basic administrative actions … Read more